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The Goodness Report

August 30, 2019 •
Goodness Report

Restaurant Chain Makes Amazing Sculpture Out Of Plastic Straws

Here’s something good. What do you do if you pledge to stop using something, but you have 140,000 of them on hand? You make art, duh! A&W Canada recently became North America’s first restaurant chain to stop using plastic straws

August 23, 2019 •
Goodness Report

This Architect Says Going Blind Has Actually Made Him Better At His Job

Here’s something good. Actually, we’ll call this one downright remarkable. It’s the story of Chris Downey, a successful architect who, at the age of 45, went completely blind. Chris’ doctors urged him to find a new profession, because you can’t

August 16, 2019 •
Goodness Report

Can I Get a Volunteer? Longest Harvard Study Reveals The Key to Happiness

Here’s something good. In one of the most extensive longitudinal studies ever conducted, Harvard Medical School has determined the #1 thing that makes people happier and healthier. No, it’s not ice cream, Instagram or kittens. It’s a simple act, and

August 9, 2019 •
Goodness Report

An Inspiring Speech and an Incredible Story About The Power of ‘Can’ vs. ‘Can’t’

The first thing you’ll notice about Rob Mendez is his charming smile and his infectious positivity. That’s saying a lot for a guy with no arms and no legs. Rob is a high school football coach who was recently awarded