Goodness Report

Building Beyond Structures: C.W. Driver’s Legacy of Hope, Opportunity and Better Futures

January 31, 2024

In this week’s edition of the Goodness Report, we are shining a spotlight on the C.W. Driver Reach Program, C.W. Driver’s company-wide effort encouraging employees to enhance communities they can reach with their hearts and hands. Idea Hall supports C.W. Driver Companies with comprehensive public relations and marketing services, including the production of the C.W. Driver Reach Video featured below. 

The C.W. Driver Reach Program provides opportunities for employees of C.W. Driver Companies to give back to local communities by performing community service and supporting charitable organizations. Since the program’s inception, the C.W. Driver Reach Program has supported over 100 different organizations across Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County and the Inland Empire.  


Watch the C.W. Driver 2023 Reach Video Here.

Below is an edited transcript from the C.W. Driver Reach Video. 


C.W. Driver Reach

Because we are builders, many of our accomplishments are easy to see. They stand out, they make a statement. They’ve even been recognized by respected colleagues and industry publications. California is filled with prime examples of our 100-plus years of tireless and intensive teamwork, cutting-edge educational environments, luxury, sustainable, high-rise living spaces, the finest in senior living accommodations, and zero net energy buildings that contribute to a cleaner, more efficient tomorrow. 

While we take pride in these achievements, many of our most personal accomplishments aren’t so easy to see, because instead of structures, we are working to build hope, opportunity, and better futures through our reach program. Generous employees show what it means to be a force for positive change. Using their heads, hands, and hearts, they help improve the wellbeing of local communities. They contribute to charitable organizations by assisting families who face food insecurity, providing life’s basic necessities to those struggling with homelessness, bringing encouragement and joy to children with health issues. 


Letters of Love

“Reach is our part of the organization that likes to give back to our community. Today, we’re in partnership with Letters of Love. They write letters and collect letters for children who are suffering from terminal cancer. And so, today we’re just hoping to spread some positivity into their day and encouragement by writing them some letters.” 

Rebeca Guerrero, Marketing Manager, C.W. Driver

Supporting women who’ve bravely chosen to take back control of their lives and joining forces with Habitat for Humanity to create new homes where families can create new memories.  


The C.W. Driver Scholarship Fund

To empower the next generation of talented thinkers and leaders, The C.W. Driver Foundation Scholarship Program invests in California students who’ve shown an interest in the construction industry. By providing much needed financial assistance, we can knock down social obstacles and pave the way to life-changing possibilities. 

“The C.W. Driver Scholarship will a hundred percent help me knowing that I have school taken care of for the next six years. And my goals for the future are to obviously be in the construction industry, but I also want to give back to those that might not know what they want to do, especially women in construction.”

Daisy Dominguez, C.W. Driver Foundation Scholarship Awardee


One Driver.

Of course, none of this is possible without a special group of whip-smart, diverse, driven go-getters. The people of C.W. Driver. They are the engine who power this good work forward. They embody our unique culture in all its strength, ingenuity and awesomeness. A culture that every day continues to give as one, inspire as one, serve as one, succeed as one. 

We are one driver. 

Over the years, C.W. Driver Companies has encouraged its employees to leverage their craft to act as a force for good in their local communities and empower the next generation of the construction industry. Idea Hall is proud to support C.W. Driver Companies and its commitment to give back to the communities in which they work.   


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