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Idea Hall Unveils Updated Brand as Creative-Led Communications Agency Committed to Championing All Things Good

Leading marketing-communications agency refreshes visual identity to reflect full-service offering, world-class talent and digital marketing services that support the demands of today’s business ecosystem.

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Walmart announces free Thanksgiving dinner for everyone

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Walmart understands a Thanksgiving dinner may be hard to achieve this year. So, the company has teamed up with Ibotta, a technology company, to save customers money and give away free Thanksgiving dinners.

OC Register: Mental health, suicide-prevention campaign targets middle-aged men, youth and LGBTQ community

We are so proud to have ideated and launched the OCHCA’s youth suicide prevention campaign, “Be a Friend for Life.” Our team produced a fully integrated advertising, digital marketing, influencer, social media and PR program to spread awareness about the signs of suicide and steps to take to help those most at-risk.

Harvard Business Review: Turn Your Team’s Frustration into Motivation

Leaders often feel uncomfortable dealing with employees who are reeling from a disappointment. Instead, they should seek to coach the people to uncover the emotions generated by the experience, help them release their inner self-coach and repress their inner self-critic, and then channel their energies to fuel positive actions.

Man Donates 25,000 Baseball Card Collection to Girl Who Lost Hers in CA Wildfire

When 9-year-old Reese Osterberg lost her 100 baseball card collection to California’s recent wildfires, the Fresno County Fire crew decided to do their bit. Spreading the word on Facebook, they asked if anyone could help by donating some of their own cards. So that’s exactly what San Jose’s Kevin Ashford did.

Inc. 5000 Vision Conference: The Power of ‘Compassionate Capitalism’ and Grace of ‘Enlightened Hospitality’

Mark Cuban, Danny Meyer, and other high-profile entrepreneurs provided incisive suggestions for improving your team, your business, and your community.

How to Have a Safe and Still Spooky Halloween

With coronavirus rates rising in some parts of the country and social distancing measures still in place, many people are thinking about their health and that of others while considering how to celebrate. Here are some Halloween ideas from families across the country to keep the holiday spooky while staying safe, complete with wearing masks, sanitizing often and practicing social distancing.


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