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Be Well OC Debuts First Mental Health and Wellness Campus in Orange County

How to be Happier in 2021: Toss Out Your Usual List of New Year’s Resolutions, Says Study

New Year’s resolutions are as ubiquitous as they are difficult to keep. But don’t throw in the towel quite yet. Richard Ryan, who is also a clinical psychologist, says that any occasion that gives us an opportunity to reflect on our lives is ultimately a good thing!

10 Things We Learned in 2020 About Living a Good Life

What do you need for a meaningful life? Even as 2020 strained communities around the world, it offered some object lessons in living well. As we all coped with the pandemic, researchers studying the science of well-being uncovered key insights into what makes life meaningful.

The Business Of Giving Back: 5 Reasons Why Philanthropy Should Be At The Core Of Your Corporate Strategy

As Champions of All Things Good, we can’t stress enough the need for every business owner to be actively involved in social responsibility, and giving back to the community in some form or another. Here are some reasons why philanthropy should be at the core of your corporate strategy.

The Red Cross Reports Massive Surge in Volunteer Numbers Worldwide in Response to COVID-19

The world’s largest humanitarian network has reported that hundreds of thousands of new volunteers have stepped up to work for free this year during the pandemic. Collectively, they have reached tens of millions of people in nearly every country of the world, while also responding to hundreds of other disasters.

4 Ways Companies Can Foster a Culture of Giving Back

It goes without saying that 2020 has been a pretty rough year in a lot of ways. Maybe you’ve even found yourself in an unfortunate boat. If that’s not the case, count yourself lucky, and do what you can to put a little bit more good out into the world.


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