Walmart announces free Thanksgiving dinner for everyone

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Walmart understands a Thanksgiving dinner may be hard to achieve this year. So, the company has teamed up with Ibotta, a technology company, to save customers money and give away free Thanksgiving dinners.

Harvard Business Review: Turn Your Team’s Frustration into Motivation

Leaders often feel uncomfortable dealing with employees who are reeling from a disappointment. Instead, they should seek to coach the people to uncover the emotions generated by the experience, help them release their inner self-coach and repress their inner self-critic, and then channel their energies to fuel positive actions.

How to Have a Safe and Still Spooky Halloween

With coronavirus rates rising in some parts of the country and social distancing measures still in place, many people are thinking about their health and that of others while considering how to celebrate. Here are some Halloween ideas from families across the country to keep the holiday spooky while staying safe, complete with wearing masks, sanitizing often and practicing social distancing.