How Should We Define Empathy In Leadership?

By Theodore McDarrah, Forbes Welcome to the dawn of the age of empathetic leadership. New research claims that empathy is currently the most important leadership skill. With the rise of mental health awareness since the Covid-19 pandemic, leaders who acknowledge this and utilize empathy tend to build stronger, more positive relationships with their team. One […]

There’s A Link Between Being Kind To Others And Happiness, UBC Researcher Says

By Sunny Skyz Being kind toward others may be key to our own happiness, a psychology expert says. Studies have shown a “causal link where, when people behave in this generous, kind way, they actually end up happier themselves,” says Elizabeth Dunn, a psychology professor at the University of British Columbia (UBC). “Frankly, I find […]

Thanksgiving Food for Thought: The Life-Changing Power Of Gratitude

By Dr Margie Warrell, Forbes We all know that it’s good to be grateful. Yet let’s face it, the gravitational pull of negativity is strong. Unless we’re consciously choosing to do otherwise, our attention tends to get pulled toward what’s wrong, what’s missing and whom we can blame. Yet recognize that each time your attention […]

Just in Time for the Holidays: A Kindness Book That Benefits Charity

By Good News Network We’re always looking for books that inspire us to feel optimistic and positive about the world, and we are loving this one: HumanKind: Changing the World One Small Act At a Time. Author Brad Aronson was inspired to write HumanKind when his family went through one of the most difficult times […]

4 Entrepreneurship Lessons We Can Learn from Our Veterans

Ty Smith - Founder of VRS (source:

By Tim Young, Forbes When investors picture an entrepreneur, military veterans might not be the first people who come to mind. But the qualities that help startup founders succeed are exactly what you’ll find in most veterans. Sean Lane of Olive (an Air Force intelligence officer), Blake Hall of (Army ranger), and Taylor Justice […]

MyNewsLA: R.D. Olson Breaks Ground on Affordable Housing Apartment Complex in Long Beach

By Ground was officially broken Monday on an affordable-housing apartment complex in Long Beach’s Cambodia Town neighborhood. According to TCC Family Health and Bridge Housing, the development at 1500 E. Anaheim St. will feature a community health and wellness center on the ground floor and 88 affordable apartments above. The project will also include […]

Harvard Business Review: Getting Back to the Basics of Human Connection

by Edward S. Brodkin and Ashley A. Pallathra, Harvard Business Review Returning to in-person work can be a tricky process that comes with a complicated mixture of feelings. Whether you’re excited or anxious about reentry, you can expect being around other people to require a lot of energy that you probably haven’t had to expend […]

Harvard Business Review: How to Build Digital Dexterity Into Your Workforce

By Brian Kropp, Alison Smith, and Matt Cain, Harvard Business Review When the realities of the Covid-19 pandemic became apparent in March of 2020, most organizations responded in two ways: by having employees begin working remotely and finding ways to cut spending. While this cost-cutting occurred across the board — Gartner research revealed that 93% […]