Indiana Youth Football Team Rebuilds Broken Bridge After Flooding

By Sunny Sky An Indiana football team helped tear down and replace a broken bridge that was destroyed by the recent flooding in southeastern Indiana. A freshman on the Switzerland County Pacers football team alerted his coach Ryan Jesop that his grandparents could not go in or out of their home because a bridge that […]

The Costs of Being a Perfectionist Manager

By Anna Carmella G. Ocampo, Jun Gu and Mariano Heyden, Harvard Business Review Our obsession with perfection is increasing: A comprehensive study of perfectionism involving young adults in the UK, U.S., and Canada revealed that perfectionistic tendencies and behaviors have significantly risen — up to 32% over the past three decades. Notable figures such as tennis superstar Serena […]

4 Odd Brain Hacks That Will Supercharge Your Creativity

By Marcel Schwantes, Inc. In post-pandemic times, staying creative and productive without sacrificing your health and well-being is critical. If you can’t take care of yourself first, how do you expect to thrive in your work or life? Even more important is being able to take care of your brain–that part of you that controls everything you do. […]

Elementary school makes parents laugh in carpool line with celebrity-inspired signs

By Elise Solé, TODAY An elementary school PTA group in Ohio made morning drop-off lines bearable — by entertaining parents. On Aug. 29, parents who drove to Austintown Elementary School in Youngstown, Ohio for the first day of classes were greeted by a pop culture flashback: Traffic signs inspired by beloved celebrities. “Can’t park here!” read […]

Mom of autistic son enrolls in medical school at age of 50

By Emma Dunn, SWNS This mom of an autistic son entered medical school to become a doctor at the age of 50 to “prove it’s never too late to chase your dreams.” Jen Reinmuth-Birch, 51, took the plunge after her new husband convinced her to go back to school to kick start her career. The mom-of-two had […]

Research: We Make More Virtuous Choices When Using Pen and Paper

By Maferima Touré-Tillery and Lili Wang, Harvard Business Review From ordering food to buying a new book to making a charitable donation, more and more decisions that used to be made on paper are now being made on digital devices like tablets, phones, and computers. And this trend toward digitalization has many advantages, in particular […]

21 years later has become “9/11 Day,” the Largest Day of Service in America

By David Paine, Co-founder and President, 9/11 Day I will always remember where I was, on the morning of September 11, 2001. I was the founder of the Orange County-based public relations agency, PainePR, and I was getting ready to drive to San Diego for a press event to launch the new satellite radio service, […]

Why Vulnerability May Be a Leader’s Greatest Strength

By Jan Risi, Entrepreneur Early on in my career, I had a certain understanding about how to be a successful woman in the business world. Showing vulnerability and emotion was a weakness. I imagined the men in the group rolling their eyes at each other, saying, “This is what happens when you put women in leadership.” Not until […]

NYC Department of Probation partners with Carnegie Hall to reimagine community justice through NeON Arts program

By Kaniqua Welch and Nichole Christian, The Kresge Foundation Grounded in the belief that there is a better way, the New York City Department of Probation (DOP) established the Neighborhood Opportunity Network (NeON) in 2011. The network is comprised of community organizations, government agencies, local businesses, and community residents focused on connecting probation clients to opportunities, resources, […]