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Why We Turned to PBS: 50 Ways PBS Has Made an Impact on Our Culture Over 50 Years

Here’s something good. In honor of PBS’s 50th year, we’re looking back at all the incredible ways the public broadcaster has made a lasting imprint on our culture.

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Astronaut Scott Kelly: Mental Health, Social Isolation And How On Earth To Survive

Mental health problems are on the rise, and it is a rare day that a new study isn’t released which points to increasing social isolation, depression, anxiety and even confusion. But new perspective comes from a surprising source: Commander Scott Kelly, retired NASA astronaut, who spent 340 days in space. I interviewed Commander Kelly for this story—and found his experience inspired some key insights about what we’re all going through now.

American Medical Association applauds California’s groundbreaking mental health reform law

The AMA is tipping its hat to California’s new mental health reform law, Senate Bill 855, which will require all health insurers and behavioral health management organizations to rely on evidence-based treatment guidelines—and not financial considerations. 

A New Brand for a New Era

We invite you to celebrate with us as we launch our new brand, featuring a powerful fusion of branding and integrated communications. Our new look and feel highlights an established body of work and showcases our expanded capabilities in strategic digital data, advertising, website offerings and more.

Close-knit Tustin Neighbors Raise Over $10K for Beloved Ice Cream Man Facing Medical Bills

Here’s something good. When a tight-knit Tustin community heard that their favorite ice cream man, Jose Ortega, had had a heart attack, they started a GoFundMe page to help cover his medical bills.

Philanthropy Rises in Pandemic as Donors Heed the Call for Help

Here’s something good. In response to the financial hardship many people are experiencing as a result of the global pandemic, donors and philanthropists all over the country are giving more and giving faster than they typically do.

New Study Reveals People Really DO Want to Be Kind to Each Other, Even If It Costs Them Something

Here’s something good. People want to help each other, even when it costs them something, and even when the motivations to help don’t always align, a new study suggests.


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