Goodness Report

Safeguarding Communities And Nature: Orange County Health Care Agency’s Environmental Health Division

July 6, 2023

In this week’s edition of the Goodness Report, we’re shining a spotlight on the efforts of the Orange County Health Care Agency’s Environmental Health Division, a team of dedicated experts committed to promoting community wellness and protecting the environment. Idea Hall was brought in to highlight their efforts through video, bringing awareness to the good they do throughout Orange County.

Promoting Community Wellness:

Every day, behind the scenes in Orange County, a team of passionate environmental health specialists diligently work to ensure the well-being of the community. From partnering with local restaurants and food facilities to conducting inspections and providing education on food safety, the division plays a vital role in preventing food-borne illnesses. 

Protecting the Environment:

The OCHCA’s Environmental Health Division extends its reach beyond food safety. Hazardous materials specialists work tirelessly to inspect and regulate waste management practices, ensuring that waste is collected, processed, and disposed of correctly. By collaborating with businesses to handle hazardous waste, examine underground storage tanks, and maintain safety measures, they safeguard the environment and protect precious groundwater resources. 

Safety and Compliance:

In addition to their extensive responsibilities, the environmental health specialists inspect body art facilities and public pools to ensure adherence to health and safety requirements. These meticulous inspections help maintain high standards of hygiene and protect public health.

Preserving Natural Beauty:

Orange County’s pristine beaches and oceans are a cherished resource. The environmental health team plays a crucial role in protecting these natural wonders by regularly analyzing water samples to detect and mitigate bacteria and pollutants. Their dedication ensures that residents and visitors can continue to enjoy these breathtaking coastal destinations safely. 

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