Goodness Report

Affordable Housing for All: Community Preservation Partners

August 3, 2023

In this week’s edition of The Goodness Report, we’re highlighting Community Preservation Partners (CPP), a mission-driven affordable housing preservation developer with properties in 16 states housing more than 35,000 residents. Idea Hall partners with CPP to provide digital marketing, video, branding, website design, and a full-service PR program.  

Affordable Housing for All 

In the United States, the need for affordable housing is ever-present and growing daily. Without adequate affordable housing opportunities, citizens face displacement and homelessness.  

“Only 33 affordable and available rental homes exist for every 100 extremely low-income renter households. Extremely low-income renters face a shortage in every state and major metropolitan area.” – National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) 

CPP recognizes the need for adequate affordable housing properties in the U.S and is committed to doing their part to acquire, rehabilitate and preserve existing affordable housing properties. They understand that these properties are more than just a place to lay down your head – they should feel like home.  

A Different Way to Home 

CPP was established in 2004 by its parent company, WNC & Associates, a national investor in affordable housing and community renewal initiatives. Since then, CPP has successfully acquired, developed and rehabilitated more than 13,000 affordable multi-family and senior housing units across the nation, funded primarily by Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTCs).

CPP joins leading nonprofits and strategic partners to provide essential social services to residents, support neighborhood initiatives and transform multifamily affordable housing communities. Through their preservation efforts, CPP provides support for meal service, coordinators, employment opportunities, public spaces, recreational initiatives, education programs, social services and more at their communities. Additionally, CPP is committed to creating a more sustainable future by transforming properties to run on renewable energy, not only helping tenets save money, but creating local green jobs in the meantime. They believe that “the return on caring is infinite.” 

“Being able to be independent and have our own place is something that we cherish.” – John, Bellflower Friendship Manor

Champions for Equality 

CPP believes that everyone deserves a safe, modern and enjoyable place to call home. Championing housing equality, CPP is dedicated to extending the affordability status of properties for many years to come. Their work is important to ensuring that everyone has the chance to thrive without worrying if they can afford where they will live.

Idea Hall is proud to support CPP and their mission to provide Creativity, Performance and Purpose for their residents.   

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