Small Actions Make Great Leaders

By Hitendra Wadhwa, Harvard Business Review Julie, an organic chemist, was doing drug research at a lab. Her boss, Gordon, was a well-regarded scientist but also very temperamental. One day she walked into Gordon’s office to ask for his feedback on the draft of a research paper they were co-authoring. The paper represented months of […]

Mom of 3 Becomes First Female Olympian to Finish a Triathlon in Under 8 Hours

By Geri Weis-Corbley, Good News Network A 40 year-old mom has entered the history books by becoming the first female Olympian ever to complete a full triathlon in under 8 hours—smashing the world record by over 40 minutes. Two-time Olympic Nicola Spirig crossed the finish line in Germany in an astonishing 7 hours, 34 minutes […]

3 Principals of People-First Leadership

By Steve Arizpe, Entrepreneur As a result of the last two years, one of the silver linings has been a greater emphasis on people throughout all aspects of life. From emergency rooms, classrooms and boardrooms to individual households, stores, venues and workplaces, the health and well-being of people has been at the core of most […]