New Member Digital Campaign For The Masons Of California

Client Type

Philanthropic Order


Digital Campaign | Advertising Design


In 2021, the Masons of California set out to imagine the future of the fraternity. As a part of that future, they knew that growing the fraternity by attracting new members would be key. In 2022, the Masons of California team engaged Idea Hall to develop and execute a digital campaign that would result in new membership and fraternal pride.

The campaign had two main objectives. First, drive membership interest and qualified leads through a form fill on the Masons of California website. Second, communicate the personal benefits of joining Masons of California, including friendship, social events, leadership and personal growth.

Building The Campaign

Utilizing insights and data from both the Masons of California and the marketplace, Idea Hall developed a creative platform to ground the digital campaign. The “Get Behind the Mark” campaign brings forward historic Masons imagery, while also sharing insights about membership benefits (e.g., camaraderie, impact) and introducing real Masons to potential new Masons through imagery and storytelling. This creative concept was then utilized in a 12-week, statewide digital ad campaign targeting and retargeting potential new members using lookalike audiences, psychographic and demographic data and online behavioral data.

Campaign Results

The 12-week campaign resulted in 2,979 applications for membership for the Masons of California. The campaign had an average CPC of $1.32 with an average CTR of 1.62%. Once clicked, the landing page had a 19.69% conversion rate with a CPA of $6.70. Overall, it was a very successful campaign, surpassing the client’s expectations.