Goodness Report

Video & Goodness: A Beautiful Pairing

January 26, 2023
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For this edition of the Goodness Report, we asked our VP of Account Services, Claire Markovsky, why video is a great medium for promoting goodness. Claire has 20 years of agency account management experience and spent the five years prior to joining Idea Hall as the Executive Director of Client Services at a video production studio. 

Below is an edited transcript from a conversation with Claire discussing the power of video. 

The Impact of Video

Video is an interesting medium because it can affect so many of our senses. Written word is powerful, but a lot of times, you don’t get the same type of emotional draw or emotional connection from written word that you could get from video.

Movie Magic

Video can be compelling, and it can be overwhelming, and it can be emotional, and it can be touching – all at the same time. I think the heightened impact from video is due to the lighting, the sound, a music track, and the intonation of the actors. Certain things are made possible like repeating the same word throughout a video, but using it in different ways to draw out different emotions. All of those pieces come together to affect a viewer emotionally, and that can be so much more powerful than a written piece or an image.

Video & Goodness

I think that video can be used to promote goodness in a number of ways. Rather than always scripting something, the capturing of small moments in video is something that brings a lot of joy to people. It can be people helping other people, and they don’t even know they’re being caught on video. It can be children in a moment of innocence and genuine joy. It can be an elderly couple expressing a moment of intimacy, just the two of them. You can capture little moments that are so genuine and so relatable, and make the viewer feel good inside.

Shining A Light

I also love how video can shine a light on organizations, or people, or causes, that might not ever receive that type of exposure. When there’s people in need or important causes that you want to bring awareness to, video can bring that sense of connection and empathy. It promotes goodness from within. You’re showcasing and educating people about something they might not otherwise know about and allow them to open up a little bit and hopefully gain a little bit more goodness. 

Communicating Your Message Through Video

When clients ask me why I recommend video, it always comes back to telling your story. Whether it’s a long-form piece, a short-form piece, small snippets on social media or a brand anthem on a landing page, videos tell a story of a brand in a way that allows a consumer to engage with them. Not only that, but video is also versatile and trackable. Video is known to increase conversion rates. Video has the power to drive more traffic than any other piece of marketing. Video can communicate things in a faster, and in a more effective way, than the written word. 

There’s a reason why unboxing videos are so popular. People are crunched for time. People don’t like to always sit and read. There’s a time and a place for that, for sure. But when push comes to shove, a video can communicate something so much faster and more effectively than the written word could.

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