The Story Behind the Startup. Local Agency Launches Series on Entrepreneurs’ Journeys

October 16, 2018

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Oct. 16, 2018

Idea Hall, launched “Brainchild” with the goal of inspiring others to bring their own ideas to life. The series launch coincides with the agency’s 15th anniversary. It’s available for viewing via Brainchild’s website and this Vimeo channel.

Each short video features one idea creator and shows their creative process, vision and execution. The first in the series features David Gonzalez, president and founder of World of Dance, with HQ in Fullerton. This TV show — based on the original, live, dance events — just wrapped up its second season.

Future installments include Don Hahn, the executive producer of Disneynature films and the producer behind award-winning films like “The Lion King” and “Beauty and the Beast,” the first animated film to be nominated for the Oscar for Best Picture; the founders of Dogeared jewelry, with HQ in Culver City; and the creators of Early Warning Labs, which created an earthquake warning system and has HQ in Santa Monica.

“We believe in the power of ideas and want to grant people permission to find inspiration in any place, especially the unexpected,” said Rebecca Hall, CEO of Idea Hall. “We hope Brainchild motivates people to follow their own passions and discover new ideas.”

Idea Hall is an award-winning, independent, creative agency that works with B2B and consumer clients in realms including commercial real estate, banking and nonprofits.

Its services include branding, advertising, public relations, website, digital, video and virtual reality.

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