5 Ways to Open Up Your Thinking to All Kinds of Possibilities

By Moshe Engelberg, Inc. When Yoshi and his accountant looked at their financial projections for next year’s Hanuman Festival, they felt no excitement and saw no real ambition. So they upped the numbers substantially, and then said YES. Yes, we can imagine making this happen! The whole team enthusiastically agreed, and in fact, the festival […]

Small Actions Make Great Leaders

By Hitendra Wadhwa, Harvard Business Review Julie, an organic chemist, was doing drug research at a lab. Her boss, Gordon, was a well-regarded scientist but also very temperamental. One day she walked into Gordon’s office to ask for his feedback on the draft of a research paper they were co-authoring. The paper represented months of […]

3 Principals of People-First Leadership

By Steve Arizpe, Entrepreneur As a result of the last two years, one of the silver linings has been a greater emphasis on people throughout all aspects of life. From emergency rooms, classrooms and boardrooms to individual households, stores, venues and workplaces, the health and well-being of people has been at the core of most […]