Goodness Report

Get Involved:  Deep Dive Into the Digital Marketing Strategy for Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County

May 8, 2024

In this week’s edition of the Goodness Report, we are spotlighting the multifaceted approach to Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County’s digital marketing strategy. As the need for volunteers and donations are vital to the sustainability of Second Harvest’s mission, Idea Hall developed tactical, yet inspiring solutions encouraging audiences to “Get Involved” with Second Harvest.

The Situation

In June 2023, Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County and Idea Hall joined forces with a shared goal: to enhance their digital marketing strategy to increase donations, attract volunteers, and bolster their online presence.

Second Harvest’s mission is to provide dignified, equitable, and consistent access to nutritious food for those facing food insecurity. They serve an average of 393,000 individuals monthly and distribute over 36 million pounds of food annually, making them a crucial lifeline for food security in Orange County.

1 in 12 individuals in Orange County struggle with food insecurity. Second Harvest remains committed to eradicating food insecurity in OC, striving until every resident has access to the nourishment they need.

Social media templates created to bolster Second Harvest’s digital marketing.


The Solution

Acknowledging the critical role of marketing in Second Harvest’s operational success, Idea Hall crafted an integrated digital plan designed to draw in volunteers and donors while expanding its digital presence.

To achieve optimal results, Idea Hall leveraged the following tactics:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Idea Hall conducted research to identify high-performing keywords for Second Harvest. These keywords were strategically integrated throughout the website, along with a thorough backlinks audit and the addition of meta descriptions, to improve search engine rankings and attract relevant audiences.

Social media optimization: Leveraging Second Harvest’s social media analytics and landscape analysis, Idea Hall developed a Social Media playbook providing design templates, content buckets, tone of voice and offering advice on how to increase engagement. Monthly content guidance helped also increase traffic to the site for volunteer and donation opportunities.

E-Newsletter amplification: Second Harvest’s monthly e-newsletter played a crucial role in disseminating key news and driving website traffic. Idea Hall rebranded the e-newsletter as ‘the Food Bank Beet’ and revamped its content and design to establish Second Harvest as an authority in tackling food insecurity, highlighting innovative solutions, and sharing impactful stories, aiming to inspire volunteering and donations.

The re-vamped Food Bank Beat email newsletter.

Google Ads management: In addition to SEO efforts, a Google Ads Grant was secured to create and monitor ad campaigns tailored to diverse volunteer and donor demographics. Idea Hall managed Second Harvest’s Google Search Ads campaigns with relevant search terms to increase visibility among targeted audiences.


The Results

Within a year, Second Harvest has already seen monumental results.

Site health before and after digital marketing strategy was implemented.

SEO enhancement: Second Harvest witnessed an increase in its authority score, alongside a notable 10% improvement in site health, climbing from 77% to 87%.Social Media advancements: Across all channels, Second Harvest surpassed industry benchmarks, with a remarkable 665% surge in Facebook engagement.

E-newsletter impact: The Food Bank Beet emerged as the third-largest source of traffic to Second Harvest’s website, driving traffic essentially to the site’s “Get Involved” and “Donate” pages, with an average conversion rate of 47% RSVPs to volunteering opportunities.

Google Ads success:  Click-through rates for Second Harvest’s Google ads campaign soared between 12% to 23%, significantly outperforming the industry average of 4.4%.


Reflecting On Progress

The partnership between Second Harvest and Idea Hall has significantly reinforced the organization’s endeavors to engage more donors and volunteers, all while striving to guarantee that every family, child, and senior has access to nutritious food. Sara Bazant, Director of Marketing & Public Affairs, shares her positive experience:

Nonetheless, as Second Harvest remains committed to ensuring universal access to nutritious food for all residents of Orange County, Idea Hall remains dedicated to enhancing its communications strategy to further bolster their mission.

If you or your organization is interested in supporting and contributing to Second Harvest, consider volunteering or donating today.


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