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Indiana Youth Football Team Rebuilds Broken Bridge After Flooding

September 29, 2022

By Sunny Sky

An Indiana football team helped tear down and replace a broken bridge that was destroyed by the recent flooding in southeastern Indiana.

A freshman on the Switzerland County Pacers football team alerted his coach Ryan Jesop that his grandparents could not go in or out of their home because a bridge that connects their home to the road was destroyed by rapid water.

So, Jesop sent out a message to the team asking if anyone could help tear down the old bridge and build a new one.

In a matter of three hours the team had taken apart the broken and scattered boards, then replaced them with new planks.

“Awesome to see how everyone worked together and volunteered their time and expertise to knock this out,” Jesop said in a Facebook post.

“The amount of time and energy we put in today is nothing compared to the first responders and fire department,” Jesop added.

He described volunteers handing out water, a camp dispersing food before closing for the season, and a soccer team bringing resources to those who needed them.

As the community now mourns the loss of one life from the flood, they continue showing up for their neighbors and offering help in the ways they can.


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