May 4, 2017

Orange County’s Idea Hall, an integrated agency offering branding, advertising, public relations, and website/digital/video production, has added virtual reality capabilities to its offerings. 

360º virtual reality videos for client Visit Anaheim are paired with insightful narrative to give event planners and organizers the ability to experience some of the Southern California destination’s newer and unexpected features that go beyond established attractions.

“Virtual reality creates a sense of presence and first-hand experience unlike anything previously possible,” Jeff Cole, senior creative producer at Idea Hall, told O’Dwyer’s.

Cole explained that it’s important to help clients understand that virtual reality is an umbrella term that can take shape in different forms such as video footage captured on-location or computer-generated content that introduces viewers to architectural renderings of places that don’t exist yet.

“We remind clients that the technology is only a part of it.  Our virtual reality experiences pair best-in-class visual craftsmanship with authentic, story-driven content that inspires and engages,” Cole said.