Idea Hall named top influencer in CRE marketing

December 4, 2019

Our team is honored to have been named a 2019 Top Influencer in CRE Marketing by GlobeSt. and Real Estate Forum. The list honors those who have helped to shape and drive the real estate market through CRE marketing and communication efforts. Thank you to all of our incredible clients and relationships in the industry – our work would not shine as bright or be as meaningful without you! Read the full piece below.

Real Estate Forum
December 3, 2019

When you work in, say, commercial real estate finance, chances are good you will know at least something about research. Or sales. Likewise an office broker: there is a good chance he or she knows more than the average layperson about the retail asset class. However, there is one area of CRE that may not be as familiar to these people as it should be, which is marketing. To be sure, a CRE marketer has a certain skill set that does not translate well to sales or finance. But marketers are just as integral to the art and science of owning and managing real estate and should be acknowledged as so. Which is what we have done in the following pages.

Founded in 2003, Idea Hall is an integrated marketing, branding, PR and advertising agency, and a proven leader in commercial real estate, with a client list featuring some of the biggest names in the industry. Setting its sights on Orange County and its burgeoning commercial real estate sector, Idea Hall’s commitment to relationships and delivering unparalleled service are the cornerstones of its success.

Today, Idea Hall remains one of the fastest growing and most sought-after integrated marketing agencies in Southern California; ranking as the third-largest public relations firm in Orange County. Idea Hall’s imprint on the CRE sector is a case study in thinking big, consistently improving one’s craft, staying the course when times get hard and always believing that good ideas will prevail.

Idea Hall reimagines how agencies work, with the notion of harmonic convergence between traditional marketing’s creative design capabilities and PR’s immediate social media savvy. The agency’s integrated approach takes every campaign to the next level. Whether launching a social media campaign or serving as a sounding board for clients with communications, reputation and business strategy, Idea Hall is more than an agency partner; it is an extension of its clients’ teams.

Last year, the agency took home five American Advertising Awards. Idea Hall also was named a “prolific” winner by the Public Relations Society of America in 2018 for earning four PRISM awards at the 54th Annual PRISM Awards Ceremony.