Goodness Report

Hope Happen Here: The Be Well OC Mobile Crisis Response Program

May 4, 2023
Be Well Mobile Response Van

For this edition of the Goodness Report, we’re spotlighting Be Well OC’s Mobile Crisis Response Program and Mental Health Awareness Month.

Idea Hall is proud to have helped our friends at Be Well OC with their brand, marketing, PR, and more. One of the things we’re most proud of is the launch of the Be Well OC Mobile Crisis Response Program. This incredible program focuses on improving mental health crisis care and serving both law enforcement and first responders.

Who is Be Well OC? 

Be Well OC is a transformative initiative consisting of a coordinated system of mental health care and support for all Orange County residents. The Be Well OC mental health system, which also includes substance use services, spans across all cities of Orange County and a range of needs, from prevention and early intervention to crisis aversion, acute care and recovery.

Be Well Mobile Crisis Unit

Be Well OC Mobile Crisis Response Program

The Be Well OC Mobile Response Program provides community-based assessment and stabilization of adults and adolescents experiencing mental health and substance use challenges, and other non-medical emergency challenges. Each team consists of two crisis counselors providing a compassionate first response model to get people the right help at the right time.

This program is designed to support law enforcement and EMS by providing specialized response to situations that don’t require their services. In cities with active programs, calls are received through the appropriate non-emergency line or 911, and mobile crisis response vans are dispatched when appropriate. Current cities participating include Anaheim, Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, Irvine and Newport Beach, with Laguna Beach coming soon.

Be Well Mobile Response Team

Revolutionizing Crisis Care

Be Well OC CEO Marshall Moncrief, along with board members and the broader Be Well team, had a vision of improving crisis care for the community. Drawing inspiration from community need, support of law enforcement and first responders, Marshall and his team developed a commitment to building a world-class system of care for all OC residents.

“The Be Well mobile team is purpose-built to get people the care and support they need where and when they need it,” said Marshall. “Each team is skilled in de-escalation, crisis intervention, counseling, and mediation.”

The Be Well OC Mobile Response Team is prepared to help with a wide variety of non-emergency situations including:

  • Mental health / behavioral crisis
  • Suicidal ideation
  • Non-domestic violence family issues / disputes
  • Public assistance including lack of basic needs (food, shelter, water, clothing)
  • Failure to conduct basic self-hygiene, failure to thrive
  • Intoxication
  • Welfare checks
  • Death notification
  • Homelessness, in conjunction and collaboration with local task forces

Enacting Real Change

The mobile response program has served over 15,000 people since its inception nearly two years ago, with continued support from law enforcement.

“The Be Well OC Mobile Response team helped three teens across three high schools in one day get from crisis to care with this responsive program,” continued Marshall. “The importance of an appropriate crisis response program cannot be overstated; the OC community is seeing real change in the way they receive care. In the spirit of innovation and community involvement, the private community and residents of OC have invested several million dollars of philanthropic support to see this program thrive.”

Idea Hall is passionate about supporting the Orange County it calls home, including innovative leaders and programs like the Be Well OC Mobile Crisis Response Program. For general information about the Be Well OC Mobile Response Program, call 949-749-2501.

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