Goodness Report

Highlighting Purpose Through Video: Project Youth OC

February 23, 2023

For this edition of the Goodness Report, we’re highlighting Project Youth OC. Last year, we helped them launch a comprehensive campaign highlighting their mission and purpose in Orange County.

What is Project Youth OC?

Built upon a legacy deep within the local legal community, Project Youth OC was established as the philanthropic arm of the Orange County Bar Association with the goal of connecting with at-risk youth and providing long-term solutions to the obstacles they face. Late last year, Project Youth OC launched a comprehensive campaign that positions the organization to continue to serve and expand services for hundreds of Orange County youth and families for years to come.

Communicating Their Purpose

To help build campaign momentum, Idea Hall worked closely with Project Youth OC and its board to uncover the organization’s “why.” Idea Hall’s team developed the creative backbone of the campaign, creating a look and feel that resonated with the organization’s core audience and helped to build momentum for their mission. The team refined Project Youth OC’s logo and color palette, and developed several tools to support the comprehensive campaign which included a brochure, advertisements, and a video.


“As a Board Member with Project Youth OC for over 15 years, I have always found it challenging to capture all that Project Youth does for the at-risk youth we serve… because Project Youth OC does so much. With Idea Hall’s expert direction and sincere interest in understanding Project Youth OC, we emerged with a clear articulation of Project Youth OC – the logo, the colors, the pictures, the words. All of it. Idea Hall’s ability to help us succinctly and passionately capture the essence of Project Youth OC will serve the organization for many years to come,” says Maria Stearns, Board President for Project Youth OC.

Successful in Their Mission

Since the launch of their campaign, Project Youth OC has had many success stories. They were awarded a CalHOPE Support Program grant to be part of the state-wide CalHOPE initiative to help Californians improve their emotional health. They have actively started dialogue with numerous cities in Orange County to consider using their services to build safer communities. They have secured three major estate gifts and their diversion, health and education programs are thriving with high referrals and strong client participation. Their newest vocational assistance program ICAN! is on track to help young people discover community college programs offering training in established business sectors with high demand and wages at or above the living wage for the Orange County Region. 

If you are interested in contributing to their mission, you can find information on their comprehensive campaign here: Elevate Educate Empower.

Telling Purpose-Driven Stories

The Idea Hall team is passionate about telling stories that drive at the heart of an organization’s purpose. If you and your organization are interested in communicating your mission to your stakeholders and audience, reach out to or schedule a quick intake meeting with this link.