Goodness Report

A New Era in CRE Lending – Discover A10 Capital’s Brand Transformation

June 5, 2024

In this week’s edition of the Goodness Report, we are spotlighting the collaboration between A10 Capital and Idea Hall to refresh the brand identity for this leading lender in the commercial real estate (CRE) space. A10 Capital specializes in full service, direct bridge and life company commercial loans, all serviced in-house throughout the life of a loan.


The Situation

A10 Capital, a powerhouse in direct bridge and life company commercial loans, sought a makeover of their brand. Their goal? To stand out in a bustling, competitive CRE landscape and showcase what makes them truly exceptional.

In 2023, A10 Capital entrusted Idea Hall with crafting a refreshed brand identity that would drive three key goals in bolstering A10’s success in the commercial real estate lending space:

  1. Refresh and drive brand awareness in the industry.
  2. Drive business growth in the marketplace.
  3. Drive awareness of A10 Capital’s product offerings and differentiated value proposition.

It quickly became clear that the organization’s new brand identity would need to resonate within the commercial real estate finance industry and demonstrate what sets A10, its people, and its services apart, in a crowded, highly competitive, and currently turbulent industry.


Our Approach

Rooted in Idea Hall’s strategic problem-solving approach, our team jumped into action conducting qualitative and quantitative research and analyzing the industry landscape to anchor the strategy in data-driven insights that would inform the brand persona, new messaging and a look and feel that resonated with CRE stakeholders. Idea Hall additionally conducted internal stakeholder interviews, meeting one-on-one with A10 leadership and employees to identify a unique white space equally reflective of the people behind the brand.

Identifying that A10 needs to communicate with its varied stakeholders which include real estate sponsors, investors and the mortgage banking community, it was crucial to develop a look and feel that was distinctive within the CRE industry yet could remain consistent and cohesive across all platforms where A10 operates.



Warm, Trustworthy, Business Focused

With the cultural backdrop and sentiment towards financial firms calling for transparency, “less wall street” and more partnership from the market, there came an opportunity to crystalize what employees at A10 were most proud of: they are the reliable golden retriever of the financial world. The A10 Capital brand became anchored in the ethos of the “everyman,” a relatable, everyday character, rooted in doing good financial business. Their professional approach to loan management is tailored to resonate with each clients’ day-to-day challenges and infused with a dash of magic from A10’s innovative business processes.


The result was a unique brand position that celebrates A10 Capital’s core strengths and differentiators – warm, trustworthy, and business-focused. The updated brand narrative, archetype and logo reflect the firm’s innovative yet grounded company ethos, with the organization’s logo drawing inspiration from their headquarters near the picturesque mountains of Boise, Idaho.

Idea Hall’s efforts didn’t stop there. From a website refresh to trade show materials and internal presentations, every detail was considered and crafted to reflect the essence of A10 Capital’s new brand.

Leveraging a Key Moment in Time for Roll Out

A suite of assets showcasing the new A10 brand were developed under a tight timeline so the company could take advantage of launching the brand roll out at one of the CRE industry’s premier events, Mortgage Bankers Association CREF Conference (MBA CREF) in early February 2024. At the recommendation of Idea Hall, A10 Capital leveraged this key moment-in-time to launch its new brand to key industry stakeholders while maximizing the impact of the milestone.

We looked at cost-effective ways to build the momentum needed to drive collaboration, efficiencies, and approvals from October 2023 to February 2024 to create:

  • Website landing page
  • Trade show collateral and banners
  • Business cards
  • Presentation decks
  • Product brochure
  • Email signatures
  • Newsletter templates
  • Internal brand roll out presentation for employees

Anuj Gupta, A10 Capital CEO, had this to share after the event: “A10 has grown a lot since 2007 and we were very proud to unveil our new look at MBA CREF24. The updated brand identity marks a new era for the company with an eye toward innovating and enhancing our lending solutions, products, and business processes for today’s commercial real estate market and to best service our clients.”


Website & Finishing Touches

A10’s new brand identity culminated with a reskin of their website prior to a full update, updated stationery and internal documents, and a social media playbook to align the company’s social media strategy with the new branding and messaging.

With their new look, A10 Capital is poised to lead the way in commercial real estate lending, combining innovation with a touch of magic to serve their clients better than ever before.


If you’re interested in igniting similar success for your organization or want to explore how your organization can partner with Idea Hall, please contact Rebecca Hall at