Building The ocV!BE Brand

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Branding | Community Outreach | Strategy | Digital & Print Design | Website Design | Video


As ocV!BE began to finalize the project vision, formalize the brand identity, push towards project entitlement and identify immediate needs for key project properties, Idea Hall was positioned as the strong communications partner that ocV!BE needed to help define and execute on the vision. Based on an analysis of current and future needs, the Idea Hall team was engaged in the following scope: branding/strategic planning support, entitlement support, and Market Hall Support.


The approach to Idea Hall and ocV!BE’s work together has been grounded in three key principles: big-picture thinking, collaboration, and flexibility. 

Telling Their Story

The Idea Hall team worked hard to develop a manifesto for ocV!BE that struck at the very core of who they are. The tagline “Exclusively For Everyone” united their team under a common purpose: creating an exceptional experience for everyone.

Exclusively For Everyone

Monikers, nicknames; we have a love of them. They are a special gift that we give each other, commemorating a shared experience, a great story, and signifying a special bond. They become a beloved part of our identity as we become known to others. Crafted with a warm smile, and placed with a bit of mischief, they bring us together. 

We created adcepts to demonstrate how everyone is included at ocV!BE, able to find exactly what they are looking for.

Creating The Brand

From expanding the marks, defining their usage, explorations for color, creating custom iconography, selecting typography, and pulling it all together in one comprehensive guide, we unified the ocV!BE world strategically and set it on its course.

Look & Feel

The test of any good brand is to see it live well, in many environments, digital and print, large as well as small. Here’s a deeper look at how we brought the brand to life, across multiple touchpoints.