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November 15, 2018 •
Brainchild Video

Permission to create

In our newest installment of Brainchild we explore the creative process with legendary filmmaker Don Hahn. He has a beautiful perspective on creative projects that frankly applies to just about anything anyone might want to accomplish. Giving ourselves the permission

October 26, 2018 •
Brainchild Marketing

Dogeared Jewelry – a brand that warms our hearts

In our latest segment of Brainchild – Idea Hall’s new video content series – we explore the story behind Dogeared, a jewelry line with an emotive and transcendent brand that just makes us feel good.

September 21, 2018 •
Brainchild Marketing

Behind every great idea is an inspiring story

We’ve been working behind the scenes with some big dreamers to capture their infectious inspirations on film. These stories are compiled to present  Brainchild , a content channel honoring great minds and the stories they share that bring REALLY BIG IDEAS