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Architecture & Building


Internal Communications | Branding | Messaging | Video


In preparation for its 100th anniversary event, C.W. Driver – the oldest licensed builder headquartered in Southern California – charged Idea Hall with leading the development of a compelling event theme and the associated collateral. But the agency took this much further, recognizing the need for a comprehensive internal communications strategy that did everything from create a new brand positioning to visual communications to a rallying cry that united employees while tying in the 100th Anniversary milestone year.

With the goal of unity, celebrating 100 years of success, and acknowledging challenges while conveying optimism for the years ahead, Idea Hall developed a brand position and messaging strategy that played on the 100th anniversary milestone. Flipping the “100,” on its side, Idea Hall introduced the “One Driver” brand, which was carried out in every aspect of the firm’s 100th Anniversary event. Key assets included digital invitations, an event logo, banners, foam fingers, a PowerPoint template, a 100th anniversary anthem video, project and customer impact videos, an event highlight video and the keynote speaker selection. As a result, employee engagement skyrocketed, exceeding the company’s 10,000-hour volunteer goal by 626 hours and doubling 2018’s total volunteer hours.